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We got twenty-two (really good) comments about technology and cooking; these are our five faves. If the winners would kindly email their email addresses to mark@markbittman.com we’ll get you links for your free app right away.

Beth Hillig Falk said…

Technology has changed my food life tremendously. I’ve always been one of those people who would sit and read a cookbook like a novel; now, with so many beautifully written food blogs out there, I can read and learn and experiment right along with other people who love food the way I do. And through online food communities, I’ve discovered ways to eat I might never have tried. I’ve learned so much from raw foodists, from vegans, from gluten free bloggers, from food travelers…my world has expanded a thousand fold because of the wealth that the internet provides. Some great food writing in combination with my CSA membership has helped me brave some unknown vegetable territory with great success. Turns out that I really like kale!

disandavis said…

Smart phones and the internet have substantially increased my level of adventure in the kitchen. I now look up a new vegetable that showed up at the farmers market/CSA to figure out what I can do with it; I can read the comments (praises and struggles) from others to feel as if I’ve already tried a new recipe several times before diving in; and I share what I’ve learned with my family and friends by blogging about it afterward. This has become a self-reinforcing cycle for trying new things and honing my tastes—one that won’t stop anytime soon.

asuozzo said…

I recently copied all of my bookmarked food blog, Epicurious and NY Times recipes from my gigantic bookmark folder into Evernote, an online/desktop/iphone notetaking application. I use the Evernote Google Chrome web clipper to copy interesting recipes into my “Recipes” notebook, where they are stored complete with the link in case I ever need to refer back to the source website.

Then I tag all of the non-staple ingredients in that recipe (for example, my family’s tomato sauce is tagged “tomato” “fennel” “carrots” “white wine” and “basil”). If I have leftover fennel, I can just search my recipe library for “fennel”-tagged recipes and figure out what else I can make with it. And since it’s all synced to my iPod Touch, I have my entire recipe database with me when I go grocery shopping.

Not only does this new system keep produce from going bad before I’m inspired to search for something to cook with it, but it also keeps me rotating through new recipes instead of falling back on the old, easy standbys.

austinfoodcarts said…

Technology has basically provided me the ability to be fearless in the kitchen. i always have a laptop or smartphone near me, and if i am feeling the slightest bit anxious about what to cook, what it is or how to cook it, i quickly can access the web. This has become doubly important as i have also started to have a CSA deliver to the house weekly. Things i never thought of using before are now suddenly in my refrigerator testing my ability to be creative with them. Kohlrabi? Turnips? Fennel? More different greens than i could have believed suddenly find themselves on my families plates. My kids eat brussel sprouts with gusto! Truly the ability to have recipes, hints, tips, cooking instructions at my fingers make cooking truly fun and exciting. Even my hard boiled eggs have yellow [and not green] yolks!

esoakley said…

The many cooking blogs combined with Google reader has played a huge part in making me excited to cook! No longer do I have to figure out what to make for dinner – I always have a huge backlog of awesome recipe posts that I want to try. 🙂 I’ve discovered so many wonderful recipes that I never would have known about otherwise, and my cooking and eating horizons have been greatly expanded by the seemingly endless choices available, rather than cooking out of whatever few cookbooks I own. However – How to Cook Everything has been one of the cookbooks I would still like to own, and I imagine it would be a wonderful help in using my CSA box! I’m excited to have joined a CSA for the first time this year, and can’t wait to see what it brings. 🙂

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