HTCE Essentials App is Free


The How to Cook Everything Essentials app is now available for free on iTunes. It includes over 100, well, essential recipes from the book, as well as some of the snazzy features that come with the full version. If you like Essentials, you can easily upgrade to the complete HTCE app (the entire book for $4.99).

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  1. kunduchi said...

    Mark – It would be fantastic to see HTCE as an iPad sized app… with all of the recipe on the same page. I’d happily pay again to see this (already own HTCE complete!).

  2. Jenjanofsky said...

    I second that! I love to use my iPad to cook and would welcome a larger format!

  3. rachelbaddorf said...

    When will there be an app for Android? I’m dying to have it!

  4. culinate said...

    No release date yet, but the iPad version is coming soon… promise!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Please make an andriod app! I get embarrassed walking around the grocery store with your huge cookbooks.

  6. bobanda said...

    Yes please make a droid version – I just switched from iPhone and it’s the only app I REALLY REALLY miss!

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