How to Make Jam

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 6.50.51 PMThis is the time of year to make jam. Find the nearest bush or tree, go to a farmers’ market or pray that your local C.S.A. comes through in the next couple of weeks, but get it done.

You might never have considered making jam. You might be wary of it. But this isn’t old-fashioned jam we’re talking about, with Mason jars, canning tongs, pots of steam, near-guaranteed burns, loads of sweat and possibly even tears. This isn’t so much about preserving the harvest (that’s what freezers are for) but about making the kind of jam you keep in your fridge for a week or two. All that is needed is delicious fresh fruit and a half-hour of your time.

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  1. Ann Melby Shenkle said...

    The jollies of jam
    Are much undersaid
    Sun and berries and sugar
    Joined to glorify bread.
    Jam should always be much

  2. Cindy Talmadge said...

    This jam recipe is pure genius as with the basic info you can make it with any quantity of fruit as I did with a cup of blueberries. Am also figuring a thinner version will make an excellent hotcake recipe. Any tips for less juicy winter fruit? Am hoping it would work with citrus. Thanks for leading me gently into the world of preserving!

  3. diana munzer said...

    Dear Mr. Bittman: In the New York Times Magazine there was a recipe of yours for rice pudding. Is there some trick to it? I could not make it work with the amount of milk and the amount of rice. I would love to have a recipe for making rice pudding in the oven. I followed the recipe, and ended up with milkey rice.
    thanks for any help

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