Herbs: Think of Them as Teeny Vegetables


Before pesto reached the shores of America, every “fancy” dish in this country carried a sprig of parsley, and for all but a very few of us, that was the extent of our acquaintance with herbs. It was Paula Peck, author of the once-invaluable and now-quaint “The Art of Good Cooking,” who brought to my attention the notion that parsley could play a better, more varied role in cooking if you used it by the handful.

Several years later, pesto filed its immigration papers, gardening became a little more popular and cooking evolved to a more interesting state. But herbs remain underrated. We add some thyme to stews, we’ve learned that there’s no such thing as too much basil, parsley is recognized for its flavor and all but the genetically twisted appreciate cilantro. (A joke; some of my best friends think it tastes like soap.) But for the most part we are rather restrained in our use of the potent green things.

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  1. cookiecraft said...

    Great article. My huge herb garden out front thanks you!

  2. Robert E Shade said...

    i believe you failed to indicate how much garlic to use in when making the sauce. Also, would have helped if you indicated how much basil it takes to make one cup of finely chopped leaves. I used 4 bunches of hydroponically grown basil and only managed to get a about 1.5 cups (I was trying to do a double recipe).

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