Healthy Holiday Baking: Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Text and photo by Emily Stephenson

For the lead up to the holidays, we’re baking Mark’s favorite cookies from How to Bake Everything and sharing the recipes here. I chose these Banana Oatmeal Cookies , even though I was skeptical about the amount of butter (low) and sugar (even lower) they contained. 

But I saw the magic of these cookies even before I ate one. There’s so little work involved in making the batter that I was able to make and bake them, start and finish, in well under an hour. This might become my new go-to recipe for using up overly ripe bananas. I always have the ingredients around: oats, butter, sugar, spices, and baking powder. Plus, there was no flour or eggs, great if you’re cooking for those with allergies; and you could replace the butter with peanut butter for vegans.

I’m very happy with any cookie that works for such a wide variety of diets, can be executed in the small amount of time I have to make them, and that I can eat for breakfast with only a little bit of guilt the next day.

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  1. Can’t wait to try the recipe

  2. Susan Cohen said...

    Where’s the recipe? It’s customary to post a recipe to go with a photo on a blog.

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