Going Vegan, if Only for a Day

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.32.18 AMIt’s not worth trying to persuade anyone to become vegan, for a couple of very good reasons: one, it’s a losing battle, and two, it’s far from certain that a diet with no animal products is best for everyone. It’s increasingly evident, however, that a part-time vegan diet — one that emphasizes minimally processed plant food at the expense of everything else — is the direction that will do the most to benefit human health, increase animal welfare and reduce environmental impact. The remaining challenge, an undeniably big one, is to figure out how to make such a diet, which you might also call “flexitarian,” the standard.

My own diet, which I call Vegan Before 6 (and wrote a book about), is one way of tackling part-time veganism, but it isn’t the only way. An intelligent adaptation of the Mediterranean diet, one of the popular “fast today, feast tomorrow” diets or even a so-called paleo diet — one that stresses vegetables rather than animal products (our great ancestors, after all, were gatherer-hunters who saw meat not as routine but as an occasion to feast) — can put you on the right track.

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  1. Ali said...

    I was vegan for 2 years and I’m so happy I was, because it has taught me basic vegan principles (like Vegan before 6) that I now use in my everyday life. Lovely post, glad you’re a supporter of a quasi-vegan diet!

  2. dee dee said...

    I just read this piece (hard copy NYTimes – still addicted to an actual paper in the morning), and am on board with the concept of vegan for a day. We already do two or three non-meat days each week. But here is my issue: how do I satisfy my need for coffee with milk (actually foamy milk with coffee much like a classic Roman latte machiado) that has been my norm for years. I’m not sure I can forgo milk in my coffee, but would welcome your thoughts.

  3. DJ said...

    The only issue we have with factory farms is that they breed bacteria and abuse animals before 6:00

  4. Jack Halperin said...

    The article ignores the substantial data (including The China Study) which concludes that a vegan diet provides full nutritional support for humans. Further, a plant-based diet confers many health benefits compared to a meat diet, including higher fiber, lower cholesterol, less clogging of arteries, lower incidense of obesity, and lower cancer rates. Readers are urged to research vegan diets on informative websites such as PCRM.org.

  5. Sam said...

    Eating a strict vegan diet but only before 6pm is a great solution. I would find it hard to give up altogether but I know I need to definitely cut down especially on processed foods.

  6. Ttrockwood said...

    Thank you for taking such risks to support veganism in such a public forum. As a vegan i can and do only support each and every vegan meal that others choose to eat. Your writing has created an awareness and started new conversations.

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