Gnocchi: 4 Flavors, 4 Sauces


A phrase often used (overused, really) to describe well-made gnocchi is “light as a cloud.” It’s not an especially instructive description for a piece of real food, and for cooks hoping to try their hands at gnocchi for the first time, it can be downright daunting.

It’s true that gnocchi requires a bit of technique, but achieving that cloudlike texture — “light” is perhaps a simpler, less intimidating word — isn’t actually that difficult.

Read the rest of this article, get the recipes, and watch the video with Mario Batali here.

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  1. George Kakaris said...

    Huge fan of gnocchi (and this is an issue while a cup of gnocchi has 7.94 saturated <a href="">fat</a&gt; :/ )! They look so tasty, i can’t wait to try the recipes!! Thanks Mark!

  2. Elke Bradford said...

    Love the Xmas feel…

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