Giving Tofu the New Look It Deserves


It’s not likely that tofu will become anyone’s favorite food; this we know. Those who grew up in households where it was well prepared may relish it, but for the rest of us it’s a bit of a requisite, something we think we “should” eat in place of chicken or eggs whenever we can stomach it.

However. With meat substitutes and even alternative animal protein like bugs surging in popularity — or at least media attention — it’s time to re-evaluate and finally embrace the original plant-based mock meat. (There are others, of course: seitan, or wheat gluten, which in the current anti-gluten climate is difficult to talk about, and tempeh, a fermented soy and grain product that I don’t cook with much. That could change.)

Read the rest of this column and get the recipes here.


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  1. Shelly M. BKLYN said...

    Thanks for the tofu article. I’m surprised you didn’t mention freezing tofu as a way to add chew.
    Sliced into 1/2 – 3/4 inch slabs, individually frozen (or separated by plastic wrap in a zip bag) for several hours, then thawed and pressed to dry (or in a salad spinner). The spongy result can be fried or grilled– it won’t fall through the grates! Cubed it and make a Texas style “chili” or stew.
    Check it out.

  2. Caroline Combs said...

    This is a great post, because unlike so many that viciously shove the idea of tofu at us and insist that we must replace meat with it, this is more gentle and offers tofu in differing ways that are not just more palatable, but more useful. Never would have thought to use the silken variety in a mayo, but will be doing so now! Just one question, many sites with links to medical professionals warn against eating too much soy, especially for men because it can lead to the development of male breasts, and a buildup of too much estrogen (also true for women which can adversely affect their menstrual cycle and moods, as well as metabolic concerns over time) and it would be helpful to find out what you know on that topic? Thanks so much for this post, it’s great to see that tofu has evolved along with us.

  3. jessicashine said...

    That was awesome.. thanks alot.. !!!

  4. Jessica said...

    I really liked the tofu chorizo recipe: it’s great to have another vegetarian alternative for tacos! Just wanted to mention that the flavor and moisture improved when I added a can of diced tomatoes after I’d browned the tofu. I let it simmer down for about 10 minutes so the tomatoes really cooked through. Great recipe!

  5. Ayesha said...

    This is an incredible post, on the grounds that dissimilar to such a large number of that violently push the possibility of tofu at us and demand that we should supplant meat with it, this is more delicate and offers tofu in varying ways that are not quite recently more acceptable, but rather more helpful. Never would have thought to utilize the luxurious assortment in a mayo, yet will be doing as such at this point!

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