Get Bitt and a Giveaway

As I hope you’ve heard, I’ve published a new cookbook: How To Bake Everything. Its goal (sort of as usual in this series), is to teach you how to bake … well, many things. Simply, reliably, and well.

Equally exciting, I also just released the pilot episode of my new podcast, Get Bitt. If you’ve ever wondered what a day in my life is like, Get Bitt provides the answer: I cook, I interview a couple of folks, I feed pigs on Glynwood farm (where I’m living), I wisecrack. Many think it’s a hoot.

In listening to it, I’ve noticed that I say the word “awesome” a lot. (I’m going to stop, soon. Right after this.) So I’m announcing a contest—an awesome contest. Listen to the pilot episode of Get Bitt, and count how many times I say “awesome.” The first 20 correct responses will get a signed copy of How To Bake Everything.

As a bonus challenge, I offer you this: The pilot also features two very obscure American garage rock songs from the ’60s. The first person who can figure out the name of each song and the band that recorded it will get a complete signed Everything collection. (That’s five big fat books!)

The podcast is embedded below. Email your responses to Contest ends on December 23rd and winners will be notified shortly thereafter. Enjoy, and good luck!

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  1. nabila said...

    every person like spicy food

  2. Peter said...

    Great podcast episode … might have to add you to my rotation!

  3. Matt Daley said...

    Can’t find Get Bitt on Pocket Casts

    I want to subscribe to your podcast, but it doesn’t come up when I search my podcast app, Pocket Casts (

    I don’t know how podcast distribution works or whether this is an issue with the podcast app or the podcast. I’m guessing this’ll be resolved at some point (and I’m planning to make a reminder to myself to check again in a week or so), but I thought I’d mention it. I’d hate to see you fail to pick up listeners due to the podcast not being available everywhere.

    Matt Daley
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  4. Owen Kelly said...

    Great first episode… Hope to hear many more!

  5. Kal said...

    put this on stitcher.. cant find you!

  6. denise said...

    your first episode was great fun…waiting to hear more please!

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