For the Dad Who Doesn’t Have “Everything”


In honor of Father’s Day, the (best-selling, widely praised, and must-have) How To Cook Everything iApp is just $1.99 starting right about now through Sunday.

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  1. pamelaparker said...

    Would LOVE this as an android app. For ME, not as a Father’s Day Gift. Any plans to make one?

  2. amykelso said...

    My 9-year old son decided he wanted to make home-made brownies (BY HIMSELF) for his dad for father’s day this year. What was the first thing he did? He climbed up on the counter and took my "How to Cook Everything" book off the shelf and found your recipe. (We are old-fashioned and actually use the book, though I’m sure the app is cool.) Note that your book was right next to Joy of Cooking, but it never occurred to him to look there. He made them (almost) all by himself, and yum! Best brownies ever! Thanks, Mark, for helping to create the next generation of cooks!

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