Fire Up the Coals: I Just Released My Very First Kindle Single (on Grilling)


I just released my first (and apparently the first) food-related Kindle single. It’s called Bittman’s Kitchen: What I Grill and Why, and it costs $2.99 (is it just me, or are “books” getting cheaper?). This one is a compilation of my very favorite grilling recipes, the ridiculously easy, remarkably delicious dishes that I cook over and over again (because I’m too lazy, and they’re too good). I’ve written short essays to go along with each recipe, and included some indispensable grilling tips like how to stock a griller’s pantry and how to master doneness (not necessarily a no-brainer). So polish those tongs, stock up on charcoal (or propane), and happy grilling!




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  1. mortond said...

    Hi,Mr Bittman I enjoy your occasional posts and TV shows however, your comment as to "are books getting cheaper" appears to me to be uncalled for.The current thinking of the Lemmings is that if it’s new it must be better!The remittance people in ‘The Government’ consider ( is that an oxymoron) the mandate from the Lemmings is: Jobs, Jobs Jobs!!!!!With your latest publication it will mean:No publisherNo typesetterNo proofreaderNo printerNo print machinesNo inkNo paperNo trucksNo truck driversNo bookshopsNo bookshop employeesNo taxes to Federal, State & Local I am neither a Luddite nor a cranky old fart BUT, watching so called progressives destroy complete industries in the name of progress is bloudy ridiculous.Hydration, bottled water, cel phones, facebook, twitter all purported to be ‘can’t live without’ con jobs! Whereas, in fact, the world was perfectly fine before a select few dragged in huge profits for a vaporware and un-neccessary product. Could this be why American children score so low in educational assessments.Usual disclaimers, just my 2 cents worth to your probably harmless comment.Also, I did purchase both your latest books made of that funny stuff, paper and ink.

  2. DoctorFoodTruth said...

    Just a short congrats on your e-book. Despite the feelings of other commentators, saving a few trees seems commendable. I’ll get your recipes and start grilling – thanks!

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