Finding Your Comfort Food

“What,” people ask me, “do you cook when you’re not working?” The answer is pretty consistent: “pasta and fish and a vegetable, or pasta and salad and a vegetable, or salad and fish and a vegetable, or pasta and salad and fish and a vegetable.” There are exceptions, of course, but there’s a comfort level here and it’s been this way for a long time, through different kitchens and domestic arrangements.

Here’s the thing: In my professional life of finding, replicating, sometimes even “creating” recipes, my palate is up for anything. But when the work hat comes off, I fall into old and completely beloved habits.

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  1. Cassie said...

    Great post and makes me think. I have been through different seasons (of life) where my “go-to” meal was farm fresh scrambled eggs and veggies. Going through some health issues, I didn’t have the desire or interest in much more. My favorite go to meal without question now is homemade pizza. I use The Food Matters homemade crust and top it with unlimited veg and chicken, pesto and goat cheese. A bottle of red and Netflix and we have our favorite date night…we just can’t get away from it!

  2. This is great, Mark. Why stray from what you love? Love that you always include vegetables. Nice job!

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