Farmers’ Market Recipe Generator

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When the farmers’ markets are full of white eggplants, shell beans, baby squash, multicolored carrots and greens whose names you don’t even know, it’s time to go shopping: without knowing what you’re looking for, without any kind of plan, just shopping to buy what looks or tastes good — or what the farmer tells you is good. The Recipe Generator is essentially a one-armed bandit of ingredients and techniques, offering more than 50 combinations of things you’re most likely to find in a market or your C.S.A. basket, with recipes that make wonderful use of them.

See the Farmers’ Market Recipe Generator, here.

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  1. David Boccuti said...

    Hi Mark.
    I’m a big fan, and have been for years. Loved the show from Spain with MB & GP. Want to tell you that there are technical problem with the FMRG – just doesn’t work (I use Firefox).
    As Jacques says, “Happy Cooking”

  2. Pryor said...

    A white strip under “follow on” covers the entire page, making the blurb unreadable.

  3. Sue said...

    What a great tool; thanks so much! Any plans to turn this into a phone App?

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