Exclusive Sneak Peek! Healthy One-Pot Meals from VB6 on iVillage


Photo Credit: Daniel Meyer

The beauty of a one-pot meal is that you can get all your food groups in an easy to make, easy to clean up dish. It doesn’t matter if it’s vegetarian or laced with meat, a one-pot meal allows you to build textures and develop flavors in a simple manner. Pasta, tagine, stews… your options are limitless.

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  1. lee said...

    One pot dishes are the best, especially during the week. Quinoa is also a great food to use as a base. Last night I made a one pot dish of Quinoa, chopped tomato, garlic, cumin seed, oregano, and broth. The night before it was stir-fry sprouts, chinese chives from the garden, and tofu. Tonight it will be a pesto made of ramps from the woods. It’s all good!

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