By Edward Schneider

Look at the pictures above, of the chicken house at Flying Pigs Farm in upstate New York. 

Now read this.

Do you see why those who have recently been deriding “locavores” as cranks are missing the point? It isn’t always about carbon footprint or ideology: it is often just about plain good food.

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  1. AnthonyCarrollD said...

    Amen.The foodies and Chefs on TV need to do a better job calling out that local and sustainable usually TASTES BETTER

  2. Anonymous said...

    to me its less about taste and more about supporting the local economy… smaller purveyors usually maintain a higher quality standard in order to compete… i personally would rather know where my products come from, how they were raised, handled etc.

  3. terrawellington said...

    Wish all chickens had the good life!

  4. daisie_blasie said...

    Anyone who has been there knows that chickens cross the road at Flying Pigs Farm because they can.

  5. GoodStuffNW said...

    Here in the Portland (OR) metro area we’re seeing the rise of the specialized CSA (community supported agriculture). There are the usual ones where a box of assorted vegetables is dropped off at a pick-up spot, but there are also CSAs for meat, eggs and even fish. I belong to one for eggs, and get two dozen every other week from a local farmer who uses the rotational grazing methods modeled by Polyface Farm. Bright orange-yellow yolks, richer flavor and the knowledge I’m supporting local agriculture start my day off right!

  6. Anonymous said...

    For a 48 year old guy who thinks he knows a lot about food, I am amazed how much I don’t know. It’s just in the last couple years I’ve grown to appreciate locally-collected fresh eggs. A 10 years old who lives two doors down from us delivers a doz. every week and we’ll never go back to store bought eggs. here’s a bit about what I’ve learned…and as Edwards states so simple, "It isn’t always about carbon footprint or ideology: it is often just about plain good food."

  7. Anonymous said...

    One more vote for remaining vegan.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Nice Chicken house! I got my copy of How to Cook Everything. Picking some recipes too try tonight at work.

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