Chocolate Almond Holiday Cookies

Text and photos by Mark Bittman

I have always loved chocolate-almond cookies, but some are better than others. To me, the ideal has these qualities:

  1. It’s not too sweet; in fact, it’s mostly bitter. Bitter, as in barely sweetened chocolate.
  2. It’s both crisp and chewy.
  3. It doesn’t use almond paste, which is never around when you need it, costs too much, and usually negates #1.

These babies fit the bill. They’re kind of macaroon/meringue things, based on just a few key ingredients: egg whites (make custard, or ice cream, with the yolks), ground or chopped almonds (I like them sort of coarse), sugar, and cocoa powder. They’re a little bitter, chewy, and crisp. Unbelievable.

The variations are pretty great as well. But I love the dark, distinctive look of these, and that they’re like nothing else. Only downside is that they don’t keep very well; but that usually isn’t an issue.

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  1. Ellen said...

    Almonds skinned or with skins?

  2. Sounds delicious, will try the recipe

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