Check Out My Brand New How to Cook Everything iPad App: Cooking Basics


I’m thrilled to have just released my new How to Cook Everything iPad app, Cooking Basics. It includes 1,000 photos, 185 recipes, tons of kitchen tips, audio and video clips, and a whole lot more. For a full rundown of all of the content and features (plus more pretty screenshots), continue reading below. To purchase the app, click here.

The Content:

• Simple, straightforward, and gorgeously photographed recipes.

• An intuitive learn-as-you-go layout that allows you to pull up how-to demonstrations that expand on techniques used in the recipe.

• Tap-activated audio commentary from Mark.

• Ground-breaking, self-guided classes—each introduced with a video from Mark—that teach kitchen skills by exploring recipes in depth so you can eat while you learn.

• A Basics section with easy-to-access reference that simplifies topics like setting up your pantry and buying and storing seafood.

• A Skills visual index linking to hundreds of demonstrations of core techniques such as “Preparing Chiles,” “Grinding Meat,” and “Crimping the Pie Shut.”

• Extensive linking, making navigation intuitive, whether you’re searching for something specific, or just browsing.

The Features:

• The ability to make your own recipe notes and take and add photos as you cook, and then share them with friends via Twitter or Facebook.

• A convenient Constant On setting to keep your iPad screen from dimming while you’re working.

• Built-in, step-specific bookmarks and timers to help keep you on track.

• A Favorites folder to organize recipes for later access.

• Customizable shopping lists to make preparation a snap.

• Beyond the Basics links after every recipe that connect you to related dishes in other How to Cook Everything apps.

• Fully downloadable! Like all of the How to Cook Everything apps, Cooking Basics can be used anywhere, anytime, online or offline.





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  1. Judy said...

    I’ve already purchased “Hoe to Cook Everything”, can it be upgraded or do I need to buy another app?

  2. Maria said...

    Mark, will VB6 be available as an app any time soon? I bounce between two residences and much easier to carry apps on ipad than lugging several books back and forth every few days. Looking forward to VB6!

  3. Danny Haddad said...

    I had bought the: how to cook everything, cooking basics, app. It now keeps saying that i can’t open it until it is upgraded. Will that happen?

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