Brown Rice: Not Just for Hippies Anymore


In 1969, I ate my first bowl of plain, boiled brown rice, then proceeded to live on it for a week, replicating the diet of a hippie girl to whom I hoped to demonstrate my sex appeal. (It didn’t work.) Twenty years later, brown rice became a minor but regular part of my repertory.

Now brown rice has not only lost its hippie stigma; it has also become sort of de rigueur, though it’s mostly relegated to a dull side dish served underneath or next to something more interesting — stir-fries, stews, chili — a worthy if obligatory “healthful” substitute for white rice.

It need not be this way. There are dozens of brown-rice varieties, because “brown” simply means “hulled but not stripped of bran layers.” Brown basmati has the same nutty aroma as white, with more chew; most brown short-grains release starch, just like arborio; most brown long-grains cook just like “regular” rice; and black, mahogany, purple, red — all those novelty rices are “brown” and can be treated in pretty much the same ways, and those ways are myriad.

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  1. Babette Annapurna Ory said...

    Having been certified a Macrbiotic Chef/Insrtuctor in the70’sWent on to work in Natural Products industry in addition toFine dining.In my catering I discovered in the 8o’s red &blackriceHad been using Basmati brown since the seventies.My favorite rice is Jade ,with banboo infusion is so delicate.Made into a sweet. Almond milk,honey current. DishPefect for breakfast or a snack .Also baby brown basmati cooks in 15 -20 mins.add saffron,&fresh roasted indian spice ,including cinnimon & someOlive oil top with fresh lemon infused mint cucumbers

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