Beyond Elections: People Power

The presidential election may be grabbing headlines, but the true rallying cry for 2012 is to struggle and organize around those issues that a president might take seriously, to stake out positions that would benefit what used to be called the working class (and now goes by “the 99 percent”) and to garner enough political will and power to pressure the president and Congress to move resolutely on the issues that matter.

Tall order, and one that’s of more than passing interest to those who think of themselves as part of the food movement.

Or the environmental movement. Or the Occupy movement, or the foreclosed homeowners movement, or the indebted students movement, or the unemployment movement, or pretty much any movement you can name that implicitly or explicitly acknowledges that there is a class war in this country, one that the wrong side is winning.

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  1. isaacnewton said...

    Mark, "the wrong people"are NOT "winning." In fact, your fear-mongering is completely unjustified. It is left-wing extremism at its worst, and that is saying a lot.The Keeling Curve (look it up) is designed to mislead through fear and ignorance. It shows a 1 part per million increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide PER YEAR for the last fifty years or so. What is so misleading about the Keeling Curve is:1. It does not have a zero base. It starts well up from zero and therefore is misleading in its magnitude.2. It represents ONLY carbon dioxide, not all greenhouse gases, which total some 22,000 parts per million. Now tell me how profound the effects of 1 part per million annual increase are going to be on 22,000 parts per million? Insignificant, that’s how profound.3. Worse by far, humans do not account for even HALF of this pitiful 1 part per million annual increase. Not even a quarter of it. Try volcanoes. Try the oceans. Try nature.So stop the fear-mongering, Mark. Either that or else never ever again take a hot shower. Never take another vacation, another trip. Sell your car(s) and stay at home. With your lights turned out, and your heater turned off in the winter and your A/C off in the summer.Eat only raw vegetables and have a nice life.

  2. Rob said...

    IsaacNewton, the article is not about the environment, it’s about speaking out against the oligarchy. It only touches upon Keystone, in an effort to show that when normal people gather and speak out against something, results can be seen. But of course I wouldn’t expect someone who calls the science of climate change, fear-mongering that you consider “left-wing extremism”. Mark, not sure if you’ll read this — nor am I sure if the above commenter will — but I just read your article in my Sociology book, and it’s perfect; I’m going to reference it in my essay on “the change I believe I’ll see in my lifetime”. I believe the 99% will soon find out they/we are being victimized by the plutocrats and oligarchs that are running our country. I hope you read this, and thank you for writing this inspiring article.

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