How to Bake Everything: Week 1!

How to Bake Everything hit stores this week. Here’s a round up of the press coverage for this week and pre-publication:

Publishers WeeklyreviewJuly 15

Library JournalEditors’ Fall PicksAug. 19

Epicuriousincluded in fall cookbook preview, Sept. 9

Jewish Journalreview, Sept. 30

Redbook, two-page cookie feature, Sept. issue

Booklist, starred review, Oct. 1

People, apple pie recipe featured, Oct. 3

WNYC The Leonard Lopate Showinterview, Oct. 3

BonAppetit.comfeature, Oct. 4

The TODAY Showinterview, Oct. 5

Boulder Weeklyfeature, Oct. 6

NPR’s On Point, interview, Oct. 7

O, The Oprah Magazine, recipe featured, Oct. issue

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  1. Peggy said...

    I caught the tail end of On Point and it inspired me to try the flourless chocolate cookies. However, they didn’t turn out anything like the picture (still tasty nonetheless). I think it is because I substituted almond flour in place of the finely chopped almonds. What is the equivalence? How much almond flour should I have used?

    • Gregory said...

      Hi, Peggy. I made these after listening to On Point and they were terrific. After eating them, I’d say almond flour is not going to cut it as a substitute at all. The chopped roasted almonds gave solid structure to the cookie, as opposed to being all goo. I’m going to try pecans next!

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