How to Bake Everything: Apple Crisp with Real Apples and Real Talk

I’d really like to know what folks think about this video, which is the second (the first is here) in a series I did with my friend Ricardo Salvador (@cadwego), who heads the Food and Environment team at Union of Concerned Scientists, of which I’m happy to be a part. The series combines cooking—in this case an apple crisp, more on which in a second—with a discussion of the production of food and the policies that guide it (often mis-guide, of course). I hope the main points are clear. (I also discussed the election and the future of food policy with Mother Jones.)

The recipe is from How to Cook Everything Fast, one of the many innovative creations in that now-two-year-old book, which I do think represents the best statement of my overall current style of cooking. In How to Bake Everything, I revert to a more traditional crisp recipe (with, I don’t mind pointing out, seven awesome variations), which is, in fact, a tad easier, even if it takes longer. Each has advantages, and both are perfect right now—especially with local, old-variety apples.

Comments, please.

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  1. Rosemary said...

    I enjoyed learning something while getting a healthy recipe-thanks!

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