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Even if September no longer means heading back to school, the transition from summer to fall is a chance for a fresh start. So if you strayed from VB6, or didn’t eat a healthfully as you wanted these last few months, forget about it, turn the page, and start a new year of eating.

Here are some tips to get you (re)started:

Get back into a cooking routine. Many of us default to dining out or takeout during the hot, social summer months. Now it’s time to get back in the kitchen! If you’re having trouble getting restarted, try setting up a menu for each day of the week.

Think in batches. To keep you eating healthy throughout the week, consider making batches of recipes like oatmeal or breakfast pilaf for breakfast, and soups, stews, and stir-fries for lunch and dinner.

Keep fruit, veggies, and nuts handy. Getting from lunch to dinner without a bite is almost always impossible for me. So I keep fruit and vegetables handy in the afternoons, and usually rely on a handful or two of nuts to tide me over.

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  1. David Pallin said...

    Will you ever have an Android app for “How to cook everything”?

  2. Nina B. Kinsey said...

    M. B. You area definately “The Man”when it comkes to so many things but your veggie dishes are right for me. Please keep writing . Many thanks
    Enjoyable Me

  3. JDT said...

    What if we are trying to *gain* weight? What do we do and stay within the context of VB6? I just purchased the book with more of an eye to a healthy and clean style of eating – but as with 99.9% of “healthy eating” out there – it’s all about losing weight.

  4. Betty Rhodes said...

    Thank you, Mark –
    You’re the best. I’ll give it a go!

  5. Ttrockwood said...

    Great reminder! Although as a vegan i may have graduated past VB6.
    I wish you would write about cashew cream and all of its uses. You do make this…..right? (Soak raw cashews overnight. Drain. Blend with a splash of water and some salt plus whatever flavors you want. Kinda like a thick cream or yogurt. But better. )

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