The Bittman Archives

The Truth About Home Cooking is a piece I wrote for the cover of TIME on the importance of home-cooked food as one way to solve a lot of different problems.

Healthy, Meet Delicious introduces a new column where I explore moderate, conscious eating: a diet higher in plants and lower in animal products and hyperprocessed foods.

Strolling in Paris, With Menus in Mind lists restaurants in Paris that are worth the walk. Here are my four winners (and three runners-up).

I Heart Artichokes unlocks the hidden potential of the artichoke. Hint: you have to look inside.

Yes, Healthful Fast Food Is Possible. But Edible? explains that it’s time to supersize your bean burger and sweet potato fries.

Why Do G.M.O.’s Need Protection? argues that Congress should put the public interest first, especially when there’s more to learn about genetically engineered crops.

Banning the Big Gulp Ban argues: what’s “capricious” about the Board of Health doing its job where it could?

It’s the Sugar, Folks discusses a new study that shows solid links between added sugar and the onset of diabetes.

When Diet Meets Delicious presents the latest study to back up what we’ve known for 20 years. A diet low in red meat, low in sugar and low in junk has little downside, and it’s good for you.

Rethinking the Meat Guzzler is my take on how we can—and must—reduce our production and consumption of meat.

Why Take Food Seriously? introduces The New York Times Magazine food issue, with a (very brief) discussion on the current state of food, and where it’s going.

The Future of Fish looks at the ongoing questions of sustainability and the viability of aquaculture, and come to some surprising conclusions.