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  1. Becky said...

    This is the easiest way to lose weight!! I lost 4 lbs the first week and have had no trouble staying on the program. I’m never hungry since I eat lots of veggies and fruit, and my craving for junk food and fast food has almost disappeared. Love VB6!

  2. Sally McKee said...

    I take pride in the fact that although I live by myself I cook well for myself and for friends. But I need structure to help control the portions I eat. Ninety percent of my diet is unprocessed food. As a former WW’er, I avoided eating both carbs and proteins on the same day. Despite my efforts, losing weight was hard (I was about 30 lbs overweight).

    Last January, I made the first of two life-altering changes. A column in the Guardian by Hugh Whittingstall-Fearnley about intermittent fasting persuaded me to give it a try. I lost 15 lbs over 3 months. I am now within 10 lbs of my target weight. For the time being, I will restrict my calories two days a week to 500, and then switch to one day a week.

    In the meantime, because I rely heavily on your recipes, I bought your book without waiting to read reviews. As soon as I read the introduction, I thought, “well, this is a no-brainer.” And I’ve been following it ever since. Effortless. I have become addicted to your cereal with berries and 1 Tb ground flax seed. I eat far more sensibly and am able to drink my wine in the evening. I don’t miss eating meat as much as I thought I would and I returned to eating grains — especially whole grains. Life feels great.

    As history professor, I travel to Europe and New Orleans every year to do research. THAT is be my biggest challenge: eating on the road. Adapting my new eating life to that will be hard, but I think I can. Just returned from a two-week trip to NY/NJ and put on 4 lbs. Now I’m home and not depressed or panicking. I know what to do.

    Since I’ve taken to intermittent fasting and VB6, I feel freed from anxiety and that depressing feeling that now that I’m in my late 50s I have to deprive myself more and more of the pleasures of life. I’m not kidding myself: all I’ve done is imposed upon myself a structure that nudges me to eat well and less. The fasting feels hard and virtuous. Being a vegan before 6 just makes me feel better in body and outlook than I ‘ve felt for years.

    I won’t go into the ethical conflict I increasingly feel eating meat. Suffice it to say that I don’t buy the argument that biologically humans are programmed to eat meat. Women are programmed to bear children, too. That doesn’t mean that as individuals and as a society, we must remain chained to a biological imperative. So, I’m still figuring that out for myself.

    Thanks, Mr. Bittman, for your food and your writing.

    Sally McKee

  3. I started VB6 last week (Yes- just before the meat grilling holiday!). I started off great and wrote about the first couple days and then succumbed to the weekend. But I spent Sunday night making a new plan and am excited for week two. I am writing about it here: and have enlisted a friend as well as my sister and her family and we are all pretty excited about the challenge.

  4. Brian Daly said...

    Been vb6’ing since you were here in SF at the Fairmont on Nob Hill for your Commonwealth Club talk. I had no idea who you were at the time, but my wife was very excited to see you and so I dropped on by w/ her (me being the Club member and all, you’re welcome to interpret that I was coerced).
    One can never go searching for pivotal moments but those brief 5 minutes you defined VB6 and expressed your logic has had a dramatic impact on my outlook- but more importantly, a minimal impact on my lifestyle.

    I’m so busy during the day that I’ve always just shoveled food into my mouth without enjoying it. Especially when simultaneously reading or discussing work w a colleague. So if I don’t taste my food, why NOT vb6 I say!?

    I encountered no difficulty transitioning, other than taking the time to learn what I could eat that would taste OK (readily enabled by stalking some of my Indian colleagues in the cafe), and am learning that vegan food is pretty darn tasty. I’m gradually slimming down, but don’t feel like I’ve made any sacrifice. I joke w/ people that I can easily make it through the day knowing that I can ‘go hog wild at night’ – just knowing that makes a massive difference relative to an actual prescriptive ‘weight loss diet’. Overall just one negative — I need alot more toilet paper.

  5. Vita said...

    I’m having the hardest time giving up pre-6 cheeses. My favorite lunch has always been fruit and cheese. Also think second helpings of after 6 pasta – even if it’s whole grain and loaded with vegetables – while technically allowed, are going to have to go.

  6. Margaretta Noonan said...

    My husband and I never would have considered vegan – before or after 6 – but VB6 is such a great concept that we now find ourselves vegan most days – before and after 6.

    The good sense, earth friendly and flexible nature of VB6 makes it a fabulous way to be healthy. VB6 is the first thing I’ve found that works with my international travel, client entertainment and social life. It’s yummy, healthy and easy. Thank you!

  7. Darcy Lee said...

    I own a gift store in San Francisco. We sell your book so it is good for the store that I am on the diet. I like its rules yet I also like its flexibility. I do not think of it as a diet per say as I am not trying to lose weight but I am using it as a “guide” a program that makes me more aware of the stuff I consume.

  8. Karen said...

    For 3 weeks before I went on vacation I was VB6 except for my morning coffee. I found I had much more energy and ate a wider variety of foods for lunch and snacks. By sticking to the vegan selections I had to be more aware of my choices. Such an eye opener!

  9. Eric Lieberman said...

    Since I was 20 I stopped eating meat and poultry- The first book I read about changing my diet was “Diet for a Small Planet.” This book changed me, and over the years my diet has wavered from strict to lax, but still no red meat or poultry. I am now 57. Your book, like “Diet for a Small Planet”, changed the way I am thinking about and eating and lifestyle again. I needed and was looking for change and came upon VB6. Its just the right thing I have needed to kick me into gear. Since reading it at the end of May, Iv’e dropped 13 lbs, Cut out all alcohol, cut my dairy consumption by at least 85%, fish and seafood by at least 65% cut my consumption of junk food out completely.Eat breakfast at home (no more bagel and cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts. I bring lunch to work as much as possible all this and for me the change was so easy and not a huge shift in my daily routine. Your book gave me the focus and provided me with the drive for me to flip the switch to be more intentional in what I eat everyday and without worry about following a strict routine. My after six meals have varied most times I am opting to continue to eat vegan and add lots of plant based options with a soy based protein, to other meals like home made wood fired pizza, steamed whole lobster and clams to grilled salmon and veggies. I am a person who loves to cook so giving up the foods I love I don’t have to do I just eat them less often. Thank you so much for your wisdom and for writing this book that reconnected me to many of the things I already knew but somehow got side tracked due to life getting in the way.

  10. Frankie D said...

    No, I’m V24/7

  11. dean said...

    Can do vegitarian but not vegan.

  12. Luc said...

    Just bought the book as I was going through the US. About to start a month of VB6 with my very carnivorous brothers.
    One suggestion: for the next edition, can we have degrees centigrade and kilos/grams/ml in the units. All this USA unit malarkey is a real headache!!


  13. Beryle Ethington said...

    Can I do the regular food for lunch instead of supper? I work and it is easier to do. Vegan the rest of the time. Thx..enjoying the book

  14. Annie Ray said...

    I’m currently reading your book VB6 I brought it from I love it. I’m learning to eat vegan. I love eating a small portion of meat after 6p.m.right now I’m losing about 2 pounds a week. the fruit and veggies taste so good, I enjoy packing my breakfast each morning to take to work. I usually go home and eat a nice salad for lunch. I have 3 daughters and I’m encouraging them to buy and read your book, I even posted a comment on some other person read my post and brought your book. I thank you for writing this book hopefully this year I will be able to stop taking my cholesterol medication. Thanks again. Annie Ray
    amazon .com

  15. Kim Kilgoar said...

    My husband and I started today. I have to say, I am incredibly hopeful. This would be an answer to prayer. I LOVE veggies, I even go fully vegan for months at a time sometimes, this is perfect. I will let you know how this goes. I am not doing any cheating to see how it works for me.

  16. Christina said...

    No FB acct for privacy issues…so will leave this here. Just started about 6 weeks ago. I never wanted to give up meat and dairy never saw myself voing low carb high meat. As soon as I saw this idea I went….Snap! Don’t need all or nothing! Started before getting the book…got the book an state a whole gains only before 6. Now lost 7 lbs. breakfast is a challenge as no way can I cook weekdays. But now I’m using whole grain toast. ..and today added a beet leaf as a green.

  17. Barb said...

    Week 2 of VB6. Easy to follow. Have not dropped any weight as yet however it is still early in the life changing approach to food.

  18. Emily said...

    I eat pretty healthily on a normal basis, but I have been eating VB6 for awhile now – both out of curiosity and as a challenge.

    As a Wisconsinite, I was extremely surprised to notice my cheese cravings curbed. I didn’t think that was possible and it certainly made things easier. Though recent dinners have included meat, I noticed I have more of an appetite for fish or vegetarian dishes.

    VB6 has been a positive experience, I plan to continue eating this way so long as it feels right!

  19. Alicia said...

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you so much for helping to make vegan eating more mainstream! I am currently doing my own variation of VB6 where I eat vegan 6 days per week and on the 7th day consume whatever I want. I have experienced so many benefits by doing this, and the cheat day is always fun too. I just wrote an article about some of the controversy within the vegan community over your book title on my blog,
    Keep up the great work!

  20. Susan Roessler said...

    Finally !! a way of eating that fits my lifestyle. At 58 years old I found myself 30 lbs overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, one knee replaced last year and a doctor advising me that I was pre-diabetic. I feel that finding your book has been the life-line I desperately needed. I have been a life long foodie, love to cook and bake, and dieting has never worked for me. Since I love all foods, VB6 has been fairly easy ( just requires a little pre-planning for lunch) and I’m loving the variety of food that I am now consuming. Thank you Mark for showing us foodies that we can have our cake and eat it too (just in moderation).

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