How To Cook Everything: Cooking Basics App

For iPad

The How to Cook Everything iPad app, Cooking Basics includes 1,000 photos, 185 recipes, tons of kitchen tips, audio and video clips, and a whole lot more. To purchase the app, click here.

The Content:

• Simple, straightforward, and gorgeously photographed recipes.

• An intuitive learn-as-you-go layout that allows you to pull up how-to demonstrations that expand on techniques used in the recipe.

• Tap-activated audio commentary from Mark.

• Ground-breaking, self-guided classes—each introduced with a video from Mark—that teach kitchen skills by exploring recipes in depth so you can eat while you learn.

• A Basics section with easy-to-access reference that simplifies topics like setting up your pantry and buying and storing seafood.

• A Skills visual index linking to hundreds of demonstrations of core techniques such as “Preparing Chiles,” “Grinding Meat,” and “Crimping the Pie Shut.”

• Extensive linking, making navigation intuitive, whether you’re searching for something specific, or just browsing.

The Features:

• The ability to make your own recipe notes and take and add photos as you cook, and then share them with friends via Twitter or Facebook.

• A convenient Constant On setting to keep your iPad screen from dimming while you’re working.

• Built-in, step-specific bookmarks and timers to help keep you on track.

• A Favorites folder to organize recipes for later access.

• Customizable shopping lists to make preparation a snap.

• Beyond the Basics links after every recipe that connect you to related dishes in other How to Cook Everything apps.

• Fully downloadable! Like all of the How to Cook Everything apps, Cooking Basics can be used anywhere, anytime, online or offline.