Americans Cooking More Than We Thought

By Daniel Meyer

Read enough articles about the inequities of the American food system and you are likely to come across something like this: “Lacking sufficient access to real, healthy foods, low- and middle-income Americans rely on inexpensive fast food to feed their families.” (My paraphrase.) It’s a common conjecture that’s neither entirely true nor entirely false, but a survey released yesterday by the anti-childhood hunger organization Share Our Strength gives us reason to believe that low- and middle-income Americans are cooking more than many of us thought.


The survey, commissioned by Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters program, and conducted by APCO Insight, is called “It’s Dinnertime: A Report on Low-Income Families’ Efforts to Plan, Shop for and Cook Healthy Meals. It polled 1,500 low- and middle-income families from across the United States (low-income was defined as less than 185 percent of the poverty line, or less than $42,000 combined income a year based on family size, and middle-income was defined as between 185 and 250 percent of the poverty line, less than $60,000). Thirty-one percent of the respondent families received SNAP benefits, and a high rate of food insecurity was reported among those surveyed.

The survey clearly wasn’t focused on the poorest Americans, and families at or below the poverty line are likely to follow different patterns, but that doesn’t make the results less encouraging:

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  1. Julie Anne Rhodes said...

    "It is exciting to learn that home cooking plays a larger role in the U.S. than we might have expected, and even more so to imagine and pursue the ways to make it easier and more popular than ever."I’m working on that – it’s precisely what the Personal Chef Approach™ is all about – showing people how to do homemade meals that actually save them time and money while feeding their families healthier. One trip to the grocery store + a few hours cooking = delicious dinners that go from fridge to table in as little as five minutes on hectic weekday nights. fact, one of my premium members is unwell at the moment, and her husband (who has never cooked before) is stepping up to the plate and preparing dinners with the help of other premium members and myself coaching him through it in the forum.

  2. Bacon Baking said...

    I also love cooking. Very enjoy and it’s the great time of the day 🙂

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