Alice Waters’s Perfect Aioli

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In Berkeley, where I currently live, ‘‘Alice’’ is a one-name celebrity, like Madonna. This is completely justifiable. In her lifetime, there has probably been no more important American in food than Alice Waters.

It was a matter of timing, of course — Alice is not a superwoman. She is, however, a dreamer and an uncompromising visionary. Some 40 years ago, when she settled in Berkeley — she had graduated from the university and then spent many summers in France — she had already recognized that good cooking was not about fancy French ingredients or techniques, but about taking the best local food you could find and not messing it up.


  1. Maria Lucas said...

    Dear Mark,

    As a native of Barcelona and Cataunya where this sauce is widely popular I have to disagree that Alice Water’s makes the best aioli. The word aioli derives from the words all (garlic) and oli (oil) and the real sauce contains no egg whatsoever. It is labor intensive and not an easy task but the thick, creamy sauce is made using the old fashioned mortar and pestle, garlic, a small piece of bread soaked in vinegar, salt, extra virgin olive oil and yes, lots of elbow grease. Once you’ve tried it this way, you’ll never cut corners again using an egg yolk..

  2. marouan said...

    good recipe thanks

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