A Toast to the Minimalist


Thank you to everyone who has read the Minimalist column. It has been thirteen wonderful years of cooking and thinking about food. Here’s to many, many more (and some champagne for the road.)

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  1. WillPriceNYC said...

    Thanks Mark for 13 years of Wednesday’s that helped me to grow as a cook as you grew as a writer.

  2. Dave Adams said...

    I have learned how to cook because of you. Our family simply eats better. I am sad to see your videos concluding because that was what really connected with me more than any words that you will ever write. Good bye friend.

  3. Carrie Anne Rabasa said...

    So sad to see the Minimalist go! But excited to see you what you do next. Thanks Mark.

  4. Michelle Stiles said...

    It was a wonderful run and is a valued resource. Thanks!

  5. Mavi Gamboa Nadeau said...

    You have been such a treat to watch, read, and make dinner with! I’ve always come away from one of your videos or columns thinking "Is that all there is to it? I can do that." And I have. : ) So sorry to see you leave the NTY, but wooo-WHOOOO! I just found the treasure that is at markbittman.com. All the best in your future endeavors.

  6. Chris McLaughlin said...

    This is Everything Bittman year in my kitchen. The only cookbook I am using is "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian". It is such a great resource when cooking for people with different allergies. In your book you give credit to a Peter Meehan—-he might be from my town Wallingford, CT. —-if so please say hello.

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