A Cheeseburger in a Nearly Cheese-Free Environment


By Edward Schneider

I just had a hamburger, and I like sautéed onions and cheese on mine. Sometimes bacon too, and tomato. And ketchup. So, hamburger purists, sue me.  

There wasn’t any cheeseburger cheese, i.e., something other than grating cheeses, something like gruyère or cheddar. So when I’d cooked my sliced onion in butter, until tender and blond, I added some grated parmesan, which, bingo, made a cheese/onion sauce. It tasted good on or off the hamburger, and it could be the basis for something more elaborate now that I know it works.

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  1. elizabeth627 said...

    I highly recommend this combo of caramelized onions and gruyere for transforming a ho-hum burger. Think french onion soup on a char grilled patty. A big hit.

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