A Bone to Pick, On Sale Today

Bone to Pick cover

My latest book, A Bone to Pick, goes on sale today. I’m particularly excited to share this book with you because it brings us one step closer to addressing the shortcomings in our flawed food system.

Until pretty recently, most of us didn’t know what a “food system” was, let alone that ours wasn’t working. But as issues of how our food is produced and consumed—and the impact of both on our health and environment—creep further into mainstream culture, media, and politics, more of us are realizing what’s at stake and speaking up about it.

So read the book, then share it with someone. Keep the conversation going on social media with #ABoneToPick, and see how it ties in for you with this month’s #BittmanTopics. There’s a whole lot to say.

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  1. Toni said...

    Thank you for writing this! I think the tide is turning – slowly, yes, but turning nonetheless. And it’s books like yours that educate people on this subject. You make my job as a healthcare professional easier.

  2. Vicki Robin said...

    Your voice always inspires me. Informed, sane, hard hitting, truth telling. Can’t wait to read this book. I “joined” the food movement 5 years ago when I decided to do a little personal experiment to “stress test” my own hyper local food systems, and my very industrial food habits by undertaking a 10-mile diet. that one choice opened the door into food as a lens for understanding myself and my world and I LOVE IT, every minute of it. I’ve been your student since that waking up moment. Now I’m hosting a food challenge like the one I did for eaters to try — sort of eating the talk!

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