9 Worldly Ways to Make a Burger

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Standing over a grill full of hamburgers with a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other is about as American as it gets. So patriotic is this summer ritual that it’s easy to forget how far burger culture extends beyond American soil. (The hamburger is named for a German city, after all.)

Countless cuisines feature their own versions, which, in plenty of cases, are better, or at least more interesting, than our default. So, for the sake of mixing it up — and frankly, because you probably don’t need me telling you how to make a classic hamburger — here are nine burgers that move beyond beef.

Read the rest of this column and get the recipes here.

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  1. Bally Chohan said...

    This is really healthy and mouth-watering. I really liked the salmon-avocado one. In fact the entire seafood recipes are delicious. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing this.

    Bally Chohan

  2. Brendon Ross said...

    Thanks for the burger variations. As its summer, I make burgers often, but the plain old burger with cheese and relish is starting to bore me. Excited to give some of these revamped versions a try!


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