12 Things to Do with Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Now that Easter is over, it’s time to stop thinking about hard-boiled eggs as something to hide and once again start thinking of them as food — and a versatile one at that. Hard-boiled eggs are worthy both as self-contained snacks and as main ingredients in more substantial dishes. The key in either case is cooking them so that the yolks are firm but still creamy rather than chalky, and peeling them without either tearing the egg to shreds or driving yourself mad.

The first part is accomplished easily enough by following the master recipe; I’ve found that nine minutes in hot water yields the perfect consistency for large to extra-large eggs, but if you prefer your yolks on the softer or firmer side, adjust the timing as needed. If you’re going to simmer the eggs in tomato sauce, hard- boil them for only seven and a half minutes, because they’ll continue to cook in the sauce. To minimize the dreaded green color, which comes from not cooling the egg quickly enough, dunk the eggs in an ice bath immediately after cooking — and don’t skimp on the ice.

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  1. Harley Preston said...

    I used protein powders for years to recover from hard workouts. Whole, natural eggs are 100x better. I am mostly vegetarian, yet I still eat eggs; they are my saviour!

  2. Xavier Loinaz said...

    Sounds intriguing

  3. Thats really useful inputs…a simple tips to avoid blue ring in boiled egg is to wash them under running cold water after boiling…It will help in getting clear white part…blue rings comes due to sulphate reaction..

  4. Peter said...

    Nice post! I always eat three boiled eggs after my morning running session. It is nutritious, and it helps me sustain my energy levels.

  5. Oh my word! never before in my life had I imagined that eggs can have so many ways to be eaten. And, as for the Waldorf Egg Salad, absolutely lovely! I am making that tonight for my wife. I’m officially a fan of Mark Bittman. Can’t wait to see all other posts. keep up the great work

  6. Steve said...

    Hi Mark,

    Great tips! Definitely going to try your deviled eggs with bacon, sounds delicious!

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to dinner now! 🙂

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